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Instant Shelter

E-Z UP Dome Instant Shelter – The World’s best Lightweight Portable Shelter

The E-Z UP Dome II Instant Shelter is an economical, light-weight E-Z UP® product designed for fun, comfort and recreational level use.

From £159.00

Instant Shelter

E-Z UP Dome® Instant Shelter

Merging innovative quality with superior styling, the completely redesigned Dome is the smart shade solution for your next beach day, picnic, or other outdoor occasion.

From £150.00

pop-up gazebo,Instant Shelter

E-Z UP Vista Instant Shelter

A favorite for almost every type of outdoor fun. Lightweight, yet strong; E-Z to set up and durable. Perfect for sporting events, backyard parties, picnics, relaxing on the beach and so much more.

From £130.00

pop-up gazebo,Instant Shelter

E-ZUP Vista Sport Instant Shelter

Ideal for active people on the go. It’s lightweight, compact, E-Z to carry and E-Z to set up.

From £99.00

pop-up gazebo,Instant Shelter

E-ZUP Pyramid II Instant Shelter

Outdoor enthusiasts will love the upgraded E-Z UP® Pyramid II Instant Shelter®. Its new cool grey components add style, strength and lasting durability to this Recreational Grade Shelter.

From £189.00

gazebo,Instant Shelter

E-ZUP Pyramid Instant Shelter

Pyramid Instant Shelter takes portable shade to a new level of cool. Featuring a clear span centre inside and a full 100 square feet of shade, set yourself apart from the crowd and settle into shaded comfort.

From £180.00

Pop Up Tent

E-ZUP Vantage Instant Shelter

The New E-Z UP Vantage Instant Shelter makes standing out of the crowd at events, or street fairs easier than ever. With new style grey components that give you extra durability and support.

From £270.00

Bungalow Select Pavilion,Instant Shelter

Bungalow Select Pavilion

An alternative to the Preferred pavilion, the Select Series offers a specially selected outdoor fabric in two color options. Ideal for receptions, outdoor events and outdoor catering.

From £3550.00

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